Resend Forward: Wrap Up

All about the new features we launched last week.

Zeno RochaZeno Rocha
Resend Forward: Wrap Up

Today marks the end of Resend Forward, our second launch week.

In the last seven days, we shipped six new features.

Here's a quick recap of what we launched:

Day 1: Send Marketing Emails with Resend Broadcasts

On Monday, we expanded Resend from being an email API to a no-code tool for technical and non-technical team members to engage with their audience.

Broadcasts are designed to help you send email blasts using our WYSIWYG editor, with extensive inbox support out-of-the-box thanks to React Email.

It also comes with email testing, markdown support, performance tracking, and 1,000 contacts for free.

Day 2: Manage subscribers with Resend Audiences

Resend Audiences

On Tuesday, we announced a new way to manage recipients.

Audiences allows you to add, update, retrieve, and remove contacts without having to worry about the entire unsubscribe flow. All with our 9 new API endpoints.

Importing contacts is easy with our simple CSV wizard and comes with support for email, first_name, last_name, and unsubscribed as custom attributes.

Day 3: Improving Time to Inbox in Asia

Select a region when adding a domain

On Wednesday, we launched our first region in Asia: Tokyo, Japan.

With the Tokyo region, we're excited that now our users in Asia can take advantage of the multi-region benefits like faster delivery, easier account management, and increased resilience.

Day 4: Introducing the Batch Emails API

Batch Queue System Architecture

On Thursday, we released a new batch API to send up to 100 emails in one request.

The Batch API has full SDK support, including: Python, Ruby, PHP, Go, and Java.

Day 5: React Email 2.0

On Friday, we continued our mission to create the best developer experience for email with a new major version of

Day 6: Introducing Light Mode

On Saturday, we added a way for you to customize your Resend Dashboard experience with a light theme.

Powered by Radix Colors and Tailwind, we're excited to share how we implemented light mode into our product.

Looking Forward

This is just the beginning of what we have planned for 2024.

Thank you for following along. See you in the next one.