How we approach marketing

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Zeno Rocha

When it comes to marketing, everything we do is about driving word-of-mouth growth.

The idea is to create a machine that amplifies externally what is being built internally.

On top of that, we want to be seen as experts in our field, so delivering genuinely useful tips to people is crucial.

To do that, we use different communication formats and channels.


We don't have the resources to be active on every social media platform like TikTok, Instagram, <insert new trend here>.

Instead we try to be very active in only a few places. We found that X and LinkedIn are the most effective places for us to be at this moment.

Our goal is to post every weekday, and we have a content calendar to help us with that.

Resend Content Calendar
Resend Content Calendar

We don't plan too much in advance, we mostly decide what are the things we want to post this week, and that's it. The calendar is only a tool to push us to meet that goal, but we don't let that get in the way.

The reason we post every day is because we want Resend to be top of mind for folks. Developers only adopt a tool when they feel a pain. They might not need Resend today, but when they have email problems two weeks from now, we want to be the first choice that pops on their minds.


We recognize that not all people use social media, and even when they do, the algorithm might not distribute our posts to them.

That's why every month or so we try to send a newsletter to all of our users.

This is typically a compilation of the most recent product updates including new changelogs, blog posts, customer stories, and open source launches.

When we organize special events like launch weeks, we create unique audiences just for that specific event. When we do that, we can increase the frequency of messages such as daily emails during a launch week.

Dogfooding is a huge part of our culture, so we use Resend Broadcasts for that.


Video is an experimental format for us. We know that YouTube is a different game, and to be relevant there you need to be extremely active and a little bit clickbait-y as well.

Sometimes we record how-to videos and publish a video series called Founder Q&A where we invite team members to answer questions about Resend.

Founder Q&A video series
Founder Q&A video series

We don't invest in video because we want to maximize the number of views. We do that because we believe video is a great medium to tell engaging stories.

Overall, we prefer having 120 views on a video that engages with the right audience, than 20,000 views on a video that reaches random people that dont't fit our ICP.


We haven't invested heavily in SEO yet. That's an area we want to explore, but haven't been able to find a consistent framework and build a sustainable machine to approach this.

Still, we try to publish something new on our blog at least once a month. These are typically company related news like new hires or fundraising.