15 JAN — 19 JAN+1


Resend Forward

An entire week of new feature announcements that will change the way you communicate with your users.

  • Broadcast

    Send Marketing Emails with Resend Broadcasts

    Enable anyone to send email campaigns without code.

  • Audiences

    Manage subscribers with Resend Audiences

    Add, update, retrieve, and remove contacts without having to worry about the entire unsubscribe flow.

  • Tokyo region

    Improving Time to Inbox in Asia

    We're excited to announce more efficient sending support for Asia users.

  • Batch Emails

    Introducing the Batch Emails API

    Process a high volume of emails at once with the new bulk endpoint.

  • React Email 2.0

    React Email 2.0

    Our mission to create the best developer experience for email continues with a new major version.

  • Bu Kinoshita
  • Derich Pacheco
  • Gabriel Miranda
  • Jayan Ratna
  • Jonni Lundy
  • Kewyn Akshlley
  • Krithika Yetchina
  • Lucas de França
  • Maksim Borisov
  • Vitor Capretz
  • Vitor Viesi
  • Zeh Fernandes
  • Zeno Rocha