Why we exist

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Zeno Rocha

To help humans communicate

Humans are great at many things, especially communication.

If it weren't for our ability to tell stories, share knowledge, and collaborate with each other, we wouldn't have made it this far as a species.

Communication is not only the key to our survival, but also the key to our progress and growth. It's through communicating ideas that we've been able to build societies, technologies, and achieve things that were previously unimaginable.

Resend exists to make human communication easier. We do that through the internet and the protocols that surround it, like email.

To help developers build better products

Developers are at the center of every product. And you don't need to have "engineer" in your job title to be one.

Without them, there would be no product to speak of. They are the builders, the problem solvers, the creators of our digital world. They are all makers, and makers don't wait.

When they see a problem, they don't expect someone to fix it. Instead, they take initiative, and send a pull request to solve it. By creating a platform tailored to these people, we can scale the quality of communication across the entire industry.

Resend exists to help developers build better products. We want to provide the modern tools they need to navigate complex use cases.

To inspire others to design beautiful software

The world is full of crappy products.

Products that do not work as expected. Products that are difficult to understand and slow to use. Products that are simply not good. We want to change that.

When we say “design beautiful software”, we do not mean only building products that are aesthetically pleasing. For us, a software that is easy to use is beautiful. A product that is fast is beautiful. A product that does what it is meant to do is beautiful.

Resend exists to design beautiful software that inspires others. And you can't inspire people by doing an “okay” job. To inspire, you need to do phenomenal work.