Launch Week 1: Wrap Up

All about the seven new features we launched in the last seven days.

Zeno RochaZeno Rocha
Launch Week 1: Wrap Up

Today marks the end of the first Resend Launch Week. In the last 7 days, we shipped 7 new features.

Here's a quick recap of what we launched:

Day 1: Faster Email Delivery with Multi-Region

Faster Email Delivery with Multi-Region

On Monday, we added support for three new email sending regions, including Europe (Ireland), South America (Brazil), and East US (North Virginia).

This means that no matter where your users are, you can ensure that they receive your emails in a timely and efficient manner.

Day 2: Introducing Managed Dedicated IPs

Introducing Managed Dedicated IPs

On Tuesday, we announced the launch of managed Dedicated IPs.

With this, the sender has full control over their IP reputation, and their email sending is not impacted by other senders' activities.

Dedicated IP addresses are typically more expensive than shared IP addresses, but they offer more control and better deliverability rates for high-volume senders.

Day 3: Capture email events with Webhooks

Capture email events with Webhooks

On Wednesday, we launched one of our most requested features: Webhooks.

This enables you to receive real-time notifications about your email sending activities directly to your server.

Day 4: New Domain Verification Experience

New Domain Verification Experience

On Thursday, we released a redesigned domain verification experience.

The cool thing about this new interface is that it reduces friction and adapts based on your DNS provider.

Day 5: Supercharge Sending with Integrations

Supercharge Sending with Integrations

On Friday, we announced the first batch of Resend integrations, including Novu, Knock,, and Pipedream.

Day 6: Open and Click Tracking

Open and Click Tracking

On Saturday, we launched email open and click tracking.

This gives you to have actionable insights to better engage with your users.

Day 7: Send emails using React and Tailwind CSS

Send emails using React and Tailwind CSS

On Sunday, we announced support for Tailwind CSS in React Email.

Now you can build and send beautiful emails without having to write any CSS.

Looking forward

This launch week marked a significant milestone for the company. We're laying the foundation for years to come and we're excited to continue shipping stuff for you.