Supercharge Sending with Integrations

Announcing the first batch of Resend Integrations, including Novu, Knock,, and Pipedream.

Jonni LundyJonni Lundy
Supercharge Sending with Integrations

With only a few lines of code, you can setup customized drip campaigns, automatically send outage alerts to your team, or notify your customers about in-app activities.

By using one of Resends Integration Partners, building battle-tested workflows is an end-to-end experience. No more reading between the documentation lines to guess how two systems can work with each other.

"The Resend team have built a great product in a space that hasn't seen 10x innovation for years. Engineering peers are raving about Resend - it's such a smoother dev experience."

Here are the new ways you can extend Resend:


Novu provides simple components and APIs for managing all communication channels in one place. You can easily create templates, styled components, and triggers that make sense to your application.

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Knock is a flexible, reliable notifications infrastructure that’s built to scale. It provides APIs to engage users, power cross-channel workflows, and manage notification preferences.

Check the integration workflows from APIs, on a schedule, or on demand. API calls are easy with authentication handled for you. You can add durable delays that survive server restarts.

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Pipedream helps you stop writing boilerplate code, struggling with authentication, and managing infrastructure. It gives you code-level control when you need it and no code when you don't.

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"As a developer I love the approach that the Resend team is taking. Its so refreshing. They are also extremely user-centric and helpful in terms of getting you up and running, sending beautiful emails that deliver."


There are many more integrations that we would like to explore in the future.

Here are a few that we are excited about:

List of integrations coming soon
List of integrations coming soon

Wanna build an integration with Resend? Send us a message!