New Domain Verification Experience

Behind the scenes of our redesigned domains experience with provider-specific instructions.

Bu KinoshitaBu Kinoshita
New Domain Verification Experience

With everything we build, we ask the same question: “How can we reduce friction?”

This internal interrogation pushes us to sift out everything unpleasant and only leave what is necessary, helpful, and delightful.

"I started using Resend right before we launched Anyone on Product Hunt, to start delivering emails to all of our users and patrons. The speed and ease of integrating with the product was incredible, but what really stood out was their intricate knowledge of email and relentless support day or night. Oh and we also ended up winning Product of the week."

Why Domains Matter

Domains (sometimes referred to as Identities) are a cornerstone of sending email.

In the past, a sender’s IP address carried most of the reputation weight. Nowadays, more emphasis is put on domain to answer that question of “who is this sender?”.

Not only must you setup your domain to start sending emails, the way you verify your domain will communicate your legitimacy to inbox providers, impacting deliverability.

This is why we chose our Domains page as our first UI redesign.

"Don’t snooze on Resend if you’re looking for a transactional email service. Tried it out today and sent my first production email within minutes after a smooth onboarding. This is what DX is supposed to look like."

The New Experience

Here is a sneak peak at what’s new:

Domain Experience with Google Domains
Domain Experience with Google Domains

The cool thing about this new interface is that it changes based on your DNS provider.

If you're using Google Domains, we adapt the UI to match the Google Domains settings. If you're using Cloudflare, we adapt the UI to match the Cloudflare's UI settings.

Domain Experience with Cloudflare
Domain Experience with Cloudflare

On top of that, we also made the following improvements:

  • Multi-Region Support: We announced support for two new sending regions. You can now clearly see region when creating or managing your domains.
  • Per-Record Status: Sometimes a specific record is having issues. You can now see the verification status of each record so you know where to focus your troubleshooting.
  • Clear Feedback: We've added helpful tooltips and documentation links across the various interaction points to give help and clarity as you are verifying your domain.

See the new domains page for yourself or request access today.