Introducing Managed Dedicated IPs

Understand the benefits between dedicated IPs and shared IPs for email deliverability.

Jonni LundyJonni Lundy
Introducing Managed Dedicated IPs

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Managed Dedicated IPs.

So, what are dedicated IPs, when should you use them, and why are we so pumped up about them?

Understanding IP's and Email Sending

When it comes to email sending, an IP address is used to identify the server that is responsible for sending emails from a specific domain. There are two types: shared and dedicated.

Shared IP addresses are used by multiple domains to send emails and their reputations are shared. If one sender on the shared IP address sends spam, it can negatively affect the reputation of all the other senders on that IP address. However, shared IP addresses are typically more affordable and already “warmed up” by the other domains already sending emails on it.

Dedicated IP addresses, on the other hand, are used exclusively by one domain to send emails. This means that the sender has full control over their IP reputation, and their email sending is not impacted by other senders' activities. Dedicated IP addresses are typically more expensive than shared IP addresses, but they offer more control and better deliverability rates for high-volume senders.

For those that are sending a high-volume and need the reputation control, Resend now offers a Dedicated IP add-on.

"Our team loves Resend. It makes email sending so easy and reliable. After we switched to Dedicated IPs, our deliverability improved tremendously and we don't hear complaints about emails landing on spam anymore."

The Benefits of Dedicated IPs

Now, let's dive into the benefits of dedicated IPs.

1. Increased Deliverability

With dedicated IPs, you have more control over your sender reputation. When you share an IP with other companies, their actions can negatively impact your deliverability. By using a dedicated IP, you reduce the risk of your emails going to spam due to someone else's actions.

2. Improved Sender Reputation

As mentioned earlier, dedicated IPs give you complete control over your sender reputation. You can send emails at your own pace, control all inputs into your sender reputation, and ensure that all emails coming from your IP complies with industry standards. All of these factors contribute to building a strong sender reputation, which is critical for email deliverability.

3. Increased Security

With a dedicated IP address, you have full control over your email sending activities and can ensure that your emails are not being mixed with other senders' emails. This provides full isolation down to the server level.

The Big Drawback (IP Warming)

Usually when you purchase a dedicated IP you are required to follow a process called “IP warming” which is a multi-week process of incrementally sending more emails each day until the new IP address is warmed up, which can take weeks to months. This is because your new IP address has no reputation and if you start sending thousands are millions of emails, many inbox providers may flag your IP as concerning because its unknown.

We don’t think this experience is very pleasant, so we provide Managed Dedicated IP pools. We handle all the IP warming in the background so when you receive your dedicated IP from Resend, you can immediately start sending at scale.

"I've used Mailgun, Sendgrid, and Mandrill and they don't come close to providing the quality of developer experience you get with Resend."

Deliverability for All

You may be thinking: “I’m not a high-volume sender but I still want incredible deliverability”.

The good news is that though dedicated IP’s are a powerful piece of the deliverability puzzle for high-volume cases, any user can achieve the legendary deliverability on our shared IP’s.

Many senders find their deliverability improves more from Resend’s high-quality shared traffic than from the isolating of a dedicated IP.

Both shared and dedicated IPs get our full deliverability attention. This means aggressive measures to protect from spamming, bouncing, and malicious actors, but also white-glove support from our team to enable you towards best practices.

Get Your Own IP

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