Verifying a domain involves a few steps:

  1. Add your domain to Resend
  2. Start verifying your Domain
  3. Add the records to your DNS provider
  4. Wait for DNS propagation

When this process is completed correctly, your domain will probably verify within 15 minutes of you adding the DNS records.

So what if your domain isn’t verifying?

If your are having any conflict issues with the MX records, checkout this guide.

Confirm your DNS records are correct

Usually when a domain doesn’t verify, it is because the DNS records were not added correctly.

When you add a record to your DNS provider, it will propagate it to a public registry. This allows our system to confirm the correct records are present to prove you own the domain. This also means you can ping your registry to see what we are seeing.

You’ll notice that you needed to add records for subdomains ( and We can then ping those domains to check for which records are present.