This guide is adapted from Microsoft’s article to Improve your spam reputation

  • Add your sender name. Set your from like this: "Name <>".

  • Engage with your own email. Send an email to yourself, open it, and reply to it.

  • Add yourself as a contact. See how to add contacts in

  • Ask your recipients to add you in their contacts. This can be done in Outlook or

  • Don’t blast to a BCC list. Send separate emails if you are sending to a large number of recipients.

  • Prevent over sending. Limits are impacted on historical engagements and sending volumes, but you should be hesitent to send too many emails at once. If you think this is an issue, reduce the frequency or volume.

  • Send to engaged recipients. Don’t keep sending if there is no engagement from your recipients. This is especially true if a recipient has requested to unsubscribe or an address is bouncing.

  • Limit use of HTML. Keep emails as close to plain text as possible.