How we help users

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Krithika Yetchina
Jonni Lundy
Zeno Rocha

Our approach to helping users is based on three fundamental principles: understanding, responsiveness, and empowerment.


We strive to deeply understand our users' needs and challenges.

Just as we put ourselves in each other's shoes when giving feedback, we make sure to take the time to understand our users' use cases and perspectives.

This means actively listening to their feedback, recognizing patterns in usage, and being empathetic towards their experiences.

By doing so, we can tailor our responses and solutions to their unique needs, ensuring that our help isn't just useful but truly resonates with them individually.


We aim to be swift and efficient in addressing users' questions and issues.

Responsiveness is key to maintaining trust among our users.

Whether through customer support, social media, or communities like Discord, we want to ensure that users' voices are heard and their issues are addressed promptly.

Being accessible and eager to solve problems, we can fix immediate issues and show our commitment to their success.


We give users every resource they need to build and fix without opening a ticket.

Empowering our customer base means providing them with an extensive knowledge base, detailed API documentation, and various code examples.

Our goal is to make these materials easily accessible, ensuring our users can leverage them effectively to achieve their goals with email sending.

Additionally, we offer an easy way for users to submit feedback and feature requests, allowing us to improve the product continuously based on their input. We prioritize transparency and communication by updating users once their feedback has been implemented so they know their voices are heard and valued.