How Resend is empowering all developers at Layer

Within 30 seconds of using Resend, I had a clear grasp of the how things worked and had it set up on Layer's codebase. The experience remains consistently simple and intuitive.

The integration was a streamlined process. We built a separate app within our project where we could design and preview email templates using React Email components. This flexibility means any of our developers can effortlessly code a new template and start using it in our product. That’s freedom.

The defining aspect of Resend for me is its focus on simplicity. It allows me to spend my time on what’s important without being bombarded with unnecessary steps or decision moments.

Whenever support was needed, Resend delivered. Quick, human responses replaced the usual automated replies that we’ve gotten in the past.

In a nutshell, Resend is a lightning fast way to integrate transactional email on any project.



Co-founder, Head of Design

How Resend is empowering all developers at Layer


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San Francisco, 2022

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February, 2023