How Dub migrated 12 email templates to Resend in a weekend

What we love most about Resend is… everything!

At Dub, we send hundreds of emails daily – from magic links to product alerts to monthly digests, and nurture campaigns. Dub simply could not run without emails, and Resend + React Email are fundamental to ensuring everything works smoothly, providing a delightful UX to our team and our users.

It was incredibly easy to migrate from Postmark – mostly thanks to their awesome docs. We were able to complete the migration in a weekend without any major hiccups!

What's not to love about Resend? From the meticulous DX with React Email and Tailwind to Resend's beautiful dashboard and analytics. There is something magical about truly loving your project's dependencies.

Dub literally would not work without Resend.

The team has been incredibly responsive every step of the way. On the rare occasion that we faced a bug, they would turnaround a solution faster than we could get blocked.

Resend lets you reliably build, preview, and send emails that delight your customers from day one.

Steven Tey

Steven Tey


How Dub migrated 12 email templates to Resend in a weekend


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San Francisco, 2022

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