How Allocations keep real-time communication with their customers

From the moment we logged in, it was clear that Resend had something different to offer.

Staying in touch with our customers in real time is a non-negotiable, and Resend has delivered, exceeding every solution we've used before.

In just a few minutes, we were able to set up our Resend account and verify our domain. We integrated it into our product faster than I could brew a cup of coffee.

We can't imagine using any other tool than Resend. Its simple UI and thoughtful DX are not found with legacy providers. Most importantly, Resend has flawlessly delivered all of our emails. We simply couldn't do without it.

The team has been outstanding in every aspect: responsive, efficient, and pragmatic. This is something Resend uniquely brings to the table: an ability to react immediately and support agile clients like us on a daily basis.

Resend finally makes integrating email into your product fast, effective, and fun.

Guillaume Duhan

Guillaume Duhan


How Allocations keep real-time communication with their customers


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San Francisco, 2019

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