API Key Insights

Have more control and visibility over your API usage.

Zeno RochaZeno Rocha

One of the requirements for you to start sending emails using Resend is to create an API key. This token is used to authenticate your requests, and it's essential to keep it safe.

To give you more control and visibility, we've added a dedicated page for each API key.

Seeing all API keys

Now you can see the last time you used an API key.

By having different color indicators, you can quickly scan and detect which API keys are being used and which ones are not.

API Keys - Table View

Interacting with an inactive API key

In the event that an API key hasn't been used in the last 30 days, we now advise users to consider deleting them to keep their accounts secure.

API Key - Active View

Viewing an active API key

When visualizing an active API key, you can see the total number of requests made and go to a separate Logs page to view them.

API Key - Active View

To see this in practice, go to your API Keys page and check it out.