DevOps Engineer

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As an infrastructure provider, DevOps Engineers are essential to ensure that millions of mission-critical emails sent using Resend are delivered to end users.

You will spend your time improving reliability, uptime, security, scale, and performance. You will be responsible for provisioning data centers, scaling databases, enhancing observability, responding to incidents, and refining disaster recovery plans.

In this role you will...

  • Improve high availability across multiple cloud providers like AWS
  • Provision data centers using IAC tools like Terraform
  • Scale databases like Postgres and Clickhouse to ensure that they are performant
  • Enhance observability by using monitoring tools like Grafana and Prometheus
  • Facilitate operations by configuring ETLs and data warehouses like Snowflake
  • Refine disaster recovery plans to ensure that recovery is quick and reliable
  • Respond to incidents and help triage, resolve, or escalate issues
  • Maintain CI/CD pipelines to streamline security best practices

You will be a perfect fit if you...

  • Have 5 years of DevOps engineering experience
  • Or 5 years of Back-end engineering with a focus on cloud infrastructure
  • Are fluent in writing and speaking English
  • Can consistently work in Americas timezone
  • You love helping other developers

You will be an exceptional fit if you also...

  • Know about email best practices or are willing to learn more about this space
  • Are experienced in Node.js and Serverless architecture
  • Have used services like AWS SQS and SNS in the past

What it means to join the team:

  • Autonomy to “just ship it”
  • 100% remote team with flexible working schedules
  • Modern tech stack (Next.js, Raycast, Retool, Notion, etc.)
  • Honest and low-ego team
  • Ownership of problems and solutions

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How to apply?

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