Welcoming Vitor Capretz, our new Software Engineer

We're thrilled to share the news that Vitor Capretz is joining Resend.

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Welcoming Vitor Capretz, our new Software Engineer

We're excited to share that Vitor Capretz is joining the Resend team as a Software Engineer!

Vitor is a passionate developer who loves building software. He worked in companies of all sizes, including Klarna and Spotify. More recently, at WorkOS, he fell in love with building specifically for developers and thinking about Developer Experience.

More about Vitor

How did you get into coding?

When I was in high school my father nudged me into taking an introductory IT course. When I applied to college, I initially wanted to build games but quickly learned I enjoyed building software in general, so I decided to go for Computer Science. From there I just spent more and more time building software.

Why are you at Resend?

After spending a good portion of my career building B2C software I ended up building software for developers and realized how awesome it is and how the industry has many challenges still, email being one of them. When I talked to Zeno and Bu about Resend I realized how much I wanted to be a part of that journey and help build the next generation of communications APIs.

Where do you find #inspiration?

I absolutely love reading books about all topics, from fiction to non-fiction, and that helps me think outside of the engineering box.

If you weren't helping developers, what would you be doing?

Building something. Always building. I just like being able to create something and see people use it and how that helped their lives somehow.

What does your desktop screen look like?

Vitor's desktop
Vitor's desktop

Favorite tool?

My iPad, from scratching notes to writing content to just watching videos on the go, has been something I started to appreciate more.

Favorite hotkey?

Command + Space: It triggers Raycast for me. You can get basically anywhere from just a command bar.

Favorite place to visit?

Stockholm, Sweden. Especially during Summer to be able to enjoy nice walks, a good coffee, and Fika with friends.

Advice for ambitious developers?

Just never stop learning, be curious, and have the mindset that there’s always something more to learn.