What is an API Key

API Keys are secret tokens used to authenticate your requests. They are unique to your account and should be kept confidential.

Add API Key

  1. Navigate to API Keys on the sidebar.
  2. Click Create API Key.
  3. Give your API Key a name.
  4. Select Full access or Sending access as the permission.
  5. If you select Sending access, you can choose the specific domain you want restrict access.
Add API Key

Understand API Key permissions

There are two different permissions of API Keys:

  • Full access: allows the API Key to create, delete, get, and update any resource.
  • Sending access: allows the API Key to only send emails.

With API Key permissions, Resend users can give each API Key different permissions, which can limit the damage that may be done both accidentally or maliciously.

Seeing all API Keys

You can see the last time you used an API Key.

By having different color indicators, you can quickly scan and detect which API Keys are being used and which ones are not.

View All API Keys

Interacting with an inactive API Key

In the event that an API Key hasn’t been used in the last 30 days, we now advise users to consider deleting them to keep their accounts secure.

View Inactive API Key

Viewing an active API Key

When visualizing an active API Key, you can see the total number of requests made and go to a separate Logs page to view them.

View Active API Key